VPN Services Can Unblock Netflix UK Anywhere

People often ask me, how justified in the access control system of Netflix? How can they not look at anything else and simply block you because you are, albeit temporarily, using another country’s IP because you suddenly needed to go there? Why wouldn’t they check my payment details or the registered address or anything and simply stop me from watching UK Netflix shows the moment I step out of UK?

I possibly can’t answer that. Ask me, instead, how to get Netflix UK, and I can tell you that there are ways to bypass this restriction. In other words, I mean to say, you can watch UK Netflix shows, no matter where you are in the world. The simple single word answer to your query is VPN. Yes, Virtual Private Network is what you need. Why? Read on.

Virtual private network creates a separating layer between you and the websites or the online services you use. It hides all your personal computer identification data from the browsing. For example, it removes your IP address, mac address and DNS server and replaces those with the data of the VPN server instead. So when you reach Netflix via a VPN server, the website sees the IP of the VPN server and not yours. Why is it important?

Netflix blocks you depending on which country’s IP address you are using. If it is a UK IP, they consider you to be from UK and has no problem in unblocking the content. So, a VPN server in UK should do the trick for you.