What Makes A Good VPN Service?

Before searching the market for the good VPN service provider, first, learn what make a VPN service a good VPN plan. Here are some factors that make a VPN service better than others:

Protocol: most of the VPN providers use SSL/TLS, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP protocol. The hosting services mostly use a secure connection. Just ask them about the protocol they use to ensure the safety of your website. This becomes more important if your website has a payment gateway. For the virtual store, it is recommended to use a network that uses SSL protocol or IPSec.

Log in policies: though many VPN providers ensure user’s privacy that means no one can access your information but many of them login details of the users. That means the VPN providers can access your information. Read terms and condition before availing the service and learn their log policy

Anti-spyware/anti-malware features: downloading videos or files is always risky as there are chances that you will invite virus and malware to attack your device. A good VPN service provider offers anti-virus and malware to scan the file before downloading.

Price: price is one of the prime factors that need to be considering while selecting the VPN provider. There are two types of VPN service: free and subscription. Free service has its own limitation. It is advised to read the features before opting for price plan.