Why The Best VPN is a Myth

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and this service provides a safe method for accessing the internet. There are several VPN service providers around the world with a few being more successful and popular than the rest. However, there are different ways of judging the best one from the better ones but there is no absolute measure. We will discuss those reasons which stops us from picking the absolutely best VPN service in UK.

VPN users have different needs. These needs are often so drastically different that no VPN service provider can really fulfil those all.

A journalist might need to protect his communication with the source of his news and the best way to get it done is to use a VPN service. It is simply because VPN protects the original identity of the source, including his IP address by standing between the sender and the receiver.

A company sending confidential data might also use VPN service. They will want to exploit the security features of the VPN services. Popular VPN services use military grade 256 bit encryption of data between the sender and the receiver and uses SSL layer. These protections are very difficult, if not outright impossible, to decrypt and thus the company would feel more secure about the confidential data it is transmitting over the internet.

Now think of a person who is stuck in China. China is known for the heavy censorship they impose on the internet. In short, you are only allowed to watch what the communist government find safer for their interest. How would the person circumvent these strict filters and access the websites he wants to? The answer is, VPN. VPN services will cloak the data and the filters will not block the access because the user will be connecting to the VPN servers only and not to the blocked websites.

Another user might want to download files anonymously using different file sharing methods. VPN can keep this user anonymous but his bigger need would be to get more download speed. He would prefer a VPN which gives him the most bandwidth so he can download faster.

Now, all these are features which are provided by VPN providers but not every provider can be the best in everything. Thus, it depends on the exact need of the users and depending on the use pattern, the best VPN service can be picked.