Why watching TV is a genuine time waster?

Effects of TV on brain

The TV in one of the foremost inventions of the 20th century which completely changed the world. As time passed by, it became a vital part in shaping up the culture, collective perception and pop-culture of the society.

Parallelly it also started to narrow the attention span of people to perform meaningful work. To produce any great work with all the different parts of the brain come in contact, you need at least 2 hours of undivided attention. But, TV with ad revenue model as it’s backbone is rewiring people with few mins content followed by ads. This has carved out a distraction box for the audience. Building regular TV watching, a habit is even more disastrous to audiences’ attention span — which in turn diminishes their ability permanently to produce real work.

TV, though has revolutionized the way people watch, has to be mindfully consumed and if possible not indulge at all.