#24 — It is getting harder

So far, learning a new language is still fun, I am still eager to learn. But I can feel like it’s getting really challenging.

Wonder how long until I become 100% frustrated and hateful towards this thing. Hah.

Starting with driving practice. It is not going to be any less stressful. All these feeling when I learning how to drive a motorbike came back to me, with new thoughts of me crashing over people with this huge vehicle. Gosh. Excited yet so nervous and anxious.

I can feel that I am no longer absolutely needed. Compared to those months when it was only me struggling with them, right now they have another to count on. And what I am doing (or what I want to keep doing here) they can do it themselves, if not better.

I am waiting for a sign from that place. If yes, I would be more than happy to go. Or will I? Leaving here might be the biggest decision so far, this city and that place. I need money, no doubt. Yet so many people say that I am still too young to be thinking about working for finance benefit. But what are we all working our ass for anyway? Money is not all, but it is important. Eventually I wanna leave, without financial support, it’s a no-go show.

I want a go show.

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