Paean to Prince: 15 Fascinating Facts About His Purple Majesty
Jennifer Boeder

As someone who at best is indifferent to Prince’s music, and at worst finds it beyond irritating, your article kept me engrossed right to the end. So, let’s agree to disagree when it comes to his purple majesty (not a euphemism) but when it comes to you as a writer I doff the hat I’m not actually wearing. But if I were, be assured I would certainly doff it. Prince, to me, is a hugely talented musical genius who writes music that makes my ears wish they were nostrils. But you, Jennifer, write a bloody good article and probably deserve more recognition than you get (I don’t know, I’m surmising). If your keyboard was a guitar you’d be Joe Bonamassa. A slightly obtuse compliment but a compliment just the same.

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