Paean to Prince: 15 Fascinating Facts About His Purple Majesty
Jennifer Boeder

Just thought I’d pop back here to offer my sincerest condolences. Not that his untimely death changes anything you have written, but he surely had an awful lot more to give. In one of the potted histories that various newspapers produced (like such a prodigious talent can be condensed into twenty snappy soundbites) his writing of songs for other people got a mention. Apparently Prince wrote Manic Monday for the Bangles, probably while simultaneously playing an awesome guitar solo on his twelve string Les Paul and getting ‘lovesexy’ with, well, I don’t know who really. Seems I went down a blind alley with that sentence, and all so I could show off my awesome Prince knowledge by getting the word lovesexy in there. Guess that’s why I’m not a writer. He also wrote Nothing Compares 2 U (sic) which I guess his fans already knew, but which heathens such as I only associate with Sinead ‘that’s a real tear in the video’ O’Connor. So respect, I guess. And condolences. Mainly condolences xx