Why #votesomethingnew

It’s a perfectly valid question. Why should the voters of Horsham or South West Surrey vote for Something New? Now, I realise, looking at the time (21:53), it may be a bit late to write this. But perhaps you voted Something New earlier and wanted to justify it to your mates when they ask. Well, now you can.

It’s about change — changing the system so that it works for everyone, not just a few people who happen to have been born into the right family.

It’s about democracy — ours needs improving, it needs a better model, and Something New is there to supply it.

It’s about morality — some of this government’s austere cuts have quite literally killed people. Is that a government you want to vote back in?

It’s about progress — society has evolved since 1834, but I’m afraid the Conservative Party hasn’t. Something New wants a progressive society that embraces change and development.

It’s about optimism — it is very often in short supply when you look at politicians and the media, but Something New is optimistic about the future and what we can become.

It’s about the fight-back — voting Something New sends a message to those who want to keep the old ways as if there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s a message of defiance.

It’s about revolution —it starts at the polling booth and from there it spreads.

It’s about the future — a future where you make decisions, or a future where they’re made on your behalf.

All in all, it’s about what you want from society, government and politics. It’s about your vision of the future, not the vision of those who think they know best. It’s about a choice between those who actually mean well and those who say they mean well. It’s about what you think should happen. It’s about Something New.