Is she a Thot, or are you an Idiot?

I dedicate this piece to every imbecile who has enjoyed a “Thot Patrol” meme, a Facebook meme page where the trope is killing ‘thots’ or women who have sex.

What the devil do you barbarians think sex is? The function of the sex drive is, in part, sex.

This should neither surprise nor anger you.

Women have sex.


It is literally impossible for women to never have sex. Or, to never have sex unless it’s with you. It’s not gonna happen, junior.

You’re 22.

You make memes.

You play Overwatch, and you voted for Donald Trump.

You’re an asshole.

Your memes about ‘thots’ are dumb.

They are philosophically r e t a r d e d.

I could only describe them with an ableistic slur, that’s how fucking awful they are.

You are a ‘Sad Boi.’


You have critical developmental issues. You are emotionally and intellectually undeveloped.

I say this not as an insult: you need therapy.

There is a reason the woman whom you believe yourself to be in love with, but who despises you with an obtuse passion, rejects the entirety of your advances.

You are a sickly being.

The totality of your thoughts are a reproach to humankind. You must die, or seek medical attention immediately.

Leave women be.

Get a therapist.