All Hail Caesar

Binge Synopsis

2 years after the events that took place in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Caesar and his fellow apes are now in hiding in the woods as an ex US Army Colonel (Woody Harrelson) and his team look to hunt the last of them down and eradicate them from the planet. Caesar tries to break peace with them but after a horrific attack on his fellow apes he chooses to get vengeance instead!
The films biggest achievement is the motion capture of the the apes themselves. From their expressions to their eyes, your brain will forget that these apes having been created with the help of special effects! The dark tone of the theme foes perfectly with the theme of the film and the CGI forests created look beautiful!

Largely, this is more of a survival of the apes story than a war story. It takes a chapter out of ‘Escape From The River Kwai’ in its demonstration of war criminals labour camps.

Woody Harrelson’s ticks all boxes of while playing the nameless colonel. Be it him ranting about the human condition or looking down upon his soldiers with crazy in his eyes!

Overall this film is a technological masterpiece with a strong storyline. If you have been a fan of the planet of the apes world, you are sure to leave satisfied after watching the end to this trilogy.

After the gorilla shook the box office with King Kong Skull Island, now it’s time for the apes to earn their dues with ‘War of…..’

Binge Rating

We give it 4.5 apes out of 5