When GOT got real

9 real life facts about the cast of Game Of Thrones

1. Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark, adopted Zunni, the Northern Inuit dog who played her direwolf LADY in season 1 of Game Of Thrones.
2. Actress Lena Headey aka Cercie didn’t actually do the walk of shame scene in Season 5. It was a body double who took her place. We bet you are watching that scene over and over again right now!
3. For a girl that has no name, Arya has become one of the most popular names for baby girls in the United States of America!
4. The “horse heart” Daenerys ate for Khal Drogo on the show was actually a three pound mass of a gummy bear like substance
5. Tyrian Lannister aka Peter Dinklage is a vegetarian in real life! All the meat he eats on the show isn’t real!
6. After being beheaded in the season 1 finale of Game Of Thrones, Ned Stark aka Sean Bean played football with his decapitated head with the team!
7. After the first episode of the show aired, the actor who plays Joffrey, Jack Gleeson, received a letter from George R.R. Martin that read, “Congratulations, everyone hates you!”
8. Maisie Williams(Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) may have gotten separated after season 1 on the show but are best friends off-screen and get along like a house on fire.
9. George R.R Martin revealed the ending of the book series to the television show’s producers D.B Weiss and David Benioff in case he does not live to finish the books.