Age of startups

The startup scenario in India is like every interval in the history of India, the story of rise of small kingdoms, each with a new promise of new world: a prelude to the times of a winner, a new set of few larger organisations. But, that’s the story for some other day. Philanthropy was a way to make it right what we had done wrong. Traditionally, the largest of businesses were most guilt driven or image driven to contribute to the philanthropic activities in the same way the largest of kings were also the ones building the most of the temples, mosques and the churches.

A couple of thousand years forward from the kingdoms and one to two decades from the last time it was run by large businesses, thousands of businesses start sprawling up from every corner in the country. It was as if you could see endless span of a field filled with samplings turning to trees to sprawling forests. A few years ago, it used to be a good topic of discussion: what’s wrong with this world, this country, these times! In our country, it’s somehow the equivalent of talking about art in Paris, or the classics in the city of Calcutta: Pick this topic for discussion, you could easily connect (make friends or foes). Then came a different time (or possibly not), when positive innovation and opportunism was in the air. Every problem had one solution: a profitable business as a vision and a startup as a first step. This is an extrapolation of the Durkhiem’s theory on how the society moves from mechanical solidarity to organic as it grows: What it means is the social cohesion was earlier based on commonality, but, as we develop as a society, it’s based on the interdependence. But, each one of these specialisations have become a startup idea in the startup age: every help that I could do can be charged for directly or indirectly- This, my dear friends, is the Startup Age!

The good thing about this Startup age is the sustainable (as they are making profit) businesses or organisations doing the right thing.

But, does this also absolves others of doing the right thing as it did for Kings and large Industrialists in those days, unless it’s another startup?

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