#Richonne Sucks And Here’s Why

Ship happens or so I’m unfortunately having to accept. Richonne is the beginning of the end of The Walking Dead and when the show turns out like True Blood I’m going to blame all the fan fiction, everyone needs to hook up, so called fans who never supported the source material!!! I knew this crap was going to happen even though I hated it. My fellow Black Geek, Dark Phoenix warned me, kept trolling me about it, and earlier in the week when someone had a rumor about the dreaded episode, she made it her business to insinuate that I needed to put my crow in the oven. I didn’t want to believe it, but I too sought out the leak and my entire week was a nightmare! I could barely eat or sleep, knowing that The Walking Dead was going to go way off the rails and put the comic book in the shredder! I watched the episode hoping that Richonne wasn’t going to happen, but I was woefully let down.

Richonne is a HUGE mistake. Show’s like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, True Blood, etc. get made because the source material is so good. Fans of the source material are not looking for a reimagining, or huge diversions from the original plots, we just want the material brought to life on TV. Sure you can get rid of lesser characters every now and then, but when major changes are made, stuff happens, and it often ruins the adaptation.

My favorite example of this is True Blood. The Southern Vampire Mysteries were some of the best books in the genre. For many fans, we couldn’t wait to see what Sookie would get into next. There were Vampires, Witches, Shifters, Demons, Faeries, and all sorts of supernatural creatures. Outside of the last couple of books, things were so over the top that if any of it had been filmed, True Blood would still be on the air. The first season was practically flawless and that was because they literally followed the first book for the most part.

However, when they started making changes, it became progressively worse. One “small” change, like not letting Lafayette be the one found dead in Andy’s car, changed the entire momentum of the show. Granted, keeping Lafayette around was good for the most part, because the character in the show was 20x better than the book, BUT one of the reoccurring plot devices in the book was that the cooks at Merlotte’s kept dying and it tied into many of the major plots. That one change forever changed the show and then they had to keep finding stuff for Lafayette to do to keep him interesting and meaningful for the show. Hence all the crazy stuff with magic he later got into.

Then they changed other things like Jason not being a were-panther or Sofie Anne getting killed early in the show, etc. The point is the more they changed the source material, the worse the show got.

Same thing with Game of Thrones. Thanks to the changes, there’s no Stoneheart, there’s no prolonged and great drama among the Ironborn, and they’re having to change around, mix and combine characters, etc. it’s starting to get out of hand. So, I fully expect Game of Thrones to start falling apart because all the little changes are starting to add up and make things a complete mess.

I buy The Walking Dead EVERY MONTH that it comes out and I’ve bought ALL the novels. I’m not saying I want or expect them to copy every little detail on the show, BUT the reason why the show exists, is because the formula written down and released each month works so well that it is literally more addictive than crack. Listening to these so-called fans of the show, that are more concerned with making stuff up based on their fantasies and fan fiction romances, instead of the loyal fans of the original work, messes up a good thing,

The Walking Dead started jumping the shark early on and because it did, fans of the show who for whatever reason, won’t support the creator by buying the comics or books, are missing out on SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much good content! Dale should have never died so early in the show. There should have never been no foolishness at the CDC in the 1st season. Lori and Judith were supposed to die in spectacular fashion. Bob was supposed to be in Woodbury and his character is absolutely pivotal in the novels and had they kept that in tact, they could have had an AMAZING spin-off like in the novels. The Governor, Tyreese, and Carl were way more of a badass than the show made them. There’s so much they haven’t done, that it’s cringeworthy every time they make changes.

Some things are acceptable, like changing the sex of the leader of

Alexandria. They more or less followed the comic there, but stuff like killing Andrea or Sophia off so early in the show, is the main reason they have to make stuff up now in order to loosely follow the comic. For those keeping score, ALL of the best episodes in EVERY season are the ones that largely follow the comic. Fall of the Prison, Alexandria Overrun, Rick doing the most Rick things, etc. they all are from the comic and when executed in a nearly page by page, paint by the numbers fashion, creates the most memorable and compelling episodes.

Based on the deaths of Sophia and Andrea, an example of how they try to compensate for the plot screwing like the plot, can be seen in how it looks like Enid is going to be something like Sophia and Andrea’s character traits are being split by Michonne and Sasha. How they’re going to repair the plot damage after giving in to the ridiculous ship crazy fan fiction types out there is anyone’s guess.

Michonne who they started screwing up early on by not letting her torture The Governor, not hooking up with Tyreese and causing Carol to kill herself out of jealously, is now supposed to be Suzy homemaker/Carl and Judith’s new mom. So this means there’s not going to be a hookup with Morgan (maybe that’s Carol’s job now) and there probably, most likely, definitely won’t be any relationship with an ACTUAL fan favorite Ezekiel, a dreadlocked, King, with a freaking tiger for a pet!

We’re stuck with this dumb ass Richonne foolishness and all that could have been great is diminished because people who could give a damn about the author and the people who so tirelessly work on the comic, got their way.

This is like a big FU to the fans Robert Kirkman but heh, the type of people who brought you 50 Shades of Grey are happy…

Originally published at theblackgeeks.com on February 22, 2016.