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I’m mostly sold on Milwaukee’s core. Of course, the injury histories are worrisome and another young dude will help at least provide some insurance in case Jabari/Middleton never get all the way back. I buy Thon Maker as their five of the future — he showed awesome defensive potential in the playoffs, and his offensive ceiling is pretty high; he really fits in well as a modern NBA big. I want to believe in Brogdon as the long-term PG, and he can probably be that. If they assume Jabari won’t get back to fringe All Star level, the Bucks’ best bet might be another wing (a better version of Snell) so that Giannis can play the four full-time with Maker at the five and Middleton on the wing.

The timing also works out really well for Milwaukee: this team should enter its peak right as LeBron and the Cavs are coming down from theirs, giving them (theoretically) a long window of contention.

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