Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy


Mark Twain famously stated, “Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Business is hard. Most businesses fail. Companies rarely get credit for problems that are sidestepped and mistakes that don’t happen. Even more rare are companies who are rewarded in real-time for difficult decisions that risk controversy at the time they’re made. TheBlaze continues to thwart these trends.

New management arrived at TheBlaze earlier this year with a plan to address an enormous list of seemingly insurmountable challenges created by its past. Our audience is witnessing our progress against this plan in a very public way.

We are working around the clock to drive change and progress in our beloved company because we believe in our audience, our mission and our founder, Glenn Beck, his virtues and his vision.

Thank you for your continued support of TheBlaze and of what’s right for you and your family — not necessarily what’s easiest.

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