Prepare yourself for your day!!!

No matter whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, if it is your engagement, we will have our own feelings and tensions. As a girl, it is the first step which is going to change our life. Our parent’s dream, pride everything is included. How will we feel on that day? Tension, some love, nervous, Omg!! I forgot, Shy for the first time..

Few tips to keep your tension little less:

1. First thing, whether it is your marriage or engagement, concentrate on your menstrual cycle.

2. Please don’t stress yourself; it may cause pre-menstruation. Not only that, also it will create pimples on your face.

3. Stitch your outfit with little extra size, you may ask why? Its your marriage, obviously your weight will increase. Please be concentrate on your diet from 2–3 months before your marriage.

4. Your hair, yeah! If you planned for free hair or hair do on your natural hair without extra hair means, please don’t tie your hair tightly from 10 days before your day.

5. If you are chubby means, stitch your blouse till elbow to escape from arms show-off. If you are lean means, stitch your outfit appropriately to show you little fleshy.

6. If you are planning for lehenga, please go on with north style, instead of our traditional one. You can also go on with traditional mehendhi matching your lehenga.

7. Hair do should look elegant and outfit should be grand. Than your hair do, outfit is important, because it is the first time, your groom relatives gonna see you. Everything is matter in wedding.

8. Your jewels, please go on with rent for your engagement. It is no need to buy. But choose the jewels which match your outfit colour.

9. Eat properly that means eat healthy food. Food place major role on your big day and engagement. It will keep your skin glow and it will keep you healthy.

10. Sleep!!! Sleep atleast 8–10 hours per day to avoid many problems.

Last but not least, Keep smiling always to have a great day because you are the Bride.

In this article, we have mentioned few random tips. From next article, we will explain each things briefly.

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For The Indian Bride!!
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