Official Blitz App Statement regarding FPS issues

Blitz Press
Nov 23, 2019 · 2 min read

Hey everyone,

My name is Adil, one of the Founders of the Blitz App. We are aware of the frame drop and stuttering issues that have been occurring since the latest 9.23 League of Legends patch and I wanted to put the entire community on the same page.

What we know:
1. Not all users have this issue
2. Users that use any form of Overlay Software (such as Discord, Logitech, NVIDIA, & including Blitz) are able to potentially fix this issue by turning Overlays off.
3. Turning off overlays still may not fix this issue as there are instances of this occurring on fresh PCs.

What we are doing:
Our team has conducted tests across multiple regions and have noticed a high frequency of this FPS issue occurring around the recent Dragon Map changes, big team fights, and highly animated actions. Blitz is actively working with the team over at League of Legends to help solve this issue for everyone. On our end we have recently disabled Summoner’s Rift overlays temporarily in our v1.4.8release as there are compatibility issues with the latest League Patch. We hope that our joint collaboration with League of Legends will help us find the solution for everyone as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for using Blitz.
- Adil Virani

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