Since launching in 2018, The Block has cemented its position as a source for independent news and research in the digital asset space.

Today, we are announcing crucial next steps in our journey to build out the information services firm, our products, and global team. Part of that expansion includes changes to our senior management team, namely the promotion of our COO Mike McCaffrey to the position of CEO. Our founder, Mike Dudas, will shift his focus to a newly formed role as chairman of the board.

Dudas’ passion for digital assets and bitcoin birthed a firm that originally sought out to cater to new entrants to the market with news, educational guides, and events. It was a time when consumer interest outpaced enterprise offerings and the desire for clarity in a market known for its myriad opinions and misinformation. To start, The Block aimed to serve as a counter to the noise with its “Crypto Simplified” approach. Mounting interest in digital assets and blockchain technology from companies ranging from Facebook to J.P. Morgan, has pushed us to tailor our suite of products to serve a broader client profile over time. …


The Block

The first and final word in digital assets

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