What Is Ethereum Merge?

Ethereum merge is the representation of Ethereum network switching from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism. Main intent of this merge is to switch the transition operations from the current Ethereum Mainnet to the new Ethereum Beacon Chain.

Top Advantages

1. 99.95% reduction of Ethereum’s energy consumption is achieved.
2. Scales up the Ethereum ecosystem positively.
3. Faster transfers are confirmed after this Ethereum merge is live.
More scaling solutions are added.
4. Increased security is achieved.
5. Boosts the sustainability, scalability and security right after this merge.

Key Points

Merging with Mainnet
Intent of merging mainnet is to secure the Ethereum mainnet from genesis. It scales up the performance of the transactions, smart contracts, etc.

During this merge the data is safely stored in the ledger by preventing it from data loss. Transactional records from mainnet are also merged along with Ethereum blockchain successfully.

Merge and energy consumption
Ethereum’s energy consumption is dropped by making the environment more sustainable for everyone.

Merge and the Beacon Chain
Ethereum formally adopts the Beacon chain as the new consensus layer to the original mainnet execution layer.

Merge and the Shanghai upgrade
Merge upgrade is perfectly processed to anticipate features such as the ability to withdraw staked ETH.

Merge and sharding
This merge was successfully introduced to address scalability by sharding. Sharding is the simplest way to split the database and an effective method to handle & manage the burden of handling large amounts of data. With this merge the plans for sharding are rapidly evolving.

What’s On The Ethereum Roadmap After The Merge?

Even after this merge the core developers of the Ethereum network continues to work on this open-source network. But they work on some advanced improvements of this blockchain like network fees, security and speeds. After the Ethereum Merge happens, some miners also have planned to create a “forked” version of the proof-of-work blockchain.

Reference: ethereum.org



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