One of only a select few cryptocurrencies currently chosen for their initial release.

[AUSTIN, TEXAS, June 6] — Blockfolio — one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps — has whitelisted Blocknet to be one of a select group of projects featured in their new Signal beta. Blocknet is an interoperability protocol that can allow for trustless exchange of data and value between different blockchains.

Signal is streamlining how blockchain projects share important news directly to users. It allows anyone to receive frequent and timely updates (Signals) directly from the core leadership team of any coin on Blockfolio, establishing a relationship that is more personal, transparent, and ultimately long-lasting. When teams post a Signal, it will appear at the bottom of the coin’s page in Blockfolio as well as in users’ personalized Signal feeds.

“We are very excited to utilize Signal as a way to get official news quickly and directly to our community. Blockfolio is a leader in portfolio tracking, and we’re honored to be one of the first to add our content into their platform.” — Shane Burgett, Blocknet Director of Marketing

Blocknet has recently received a significant increase in public exposure over the past few weeks due to the surprise announcement at the NYC Consensus Expo of the innovative Blocknet XRouter. This announcement attracted an overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic response from a number of cryptocurrency media outlets. Coming in July 2018, XRouter is a revolutionary technological development, offering functionality as a “blockchain router,” a fundamental component needed for cross-blockchain ecosystems. As interest in blockchain interoperability begins to mature, we will begin to see dApps, smart contracts, and protocols able to connect to services from multiple blockchains via the XRouter protocol. As a result, an internet of blockchains is not far off.

“Top token teams have recognized a need for this solution and we’ve invited the best of the best to be launch partners and help us shape the future of our platform.” — Ed Moncada, Blockfolio CEO.

Signal will make breakthrough news like XRouter immediately accessible to the crypto community, without the inherent delay of the news cycle. Anyone holding or watching BLOCK in Blockfolio will get direct notifications on XRouter and other important news related to the cross-blockchain ecosystems being built on the Blocknet. Developers can keep up to date with new capabilities and Blocknet APIs, allowing their dApps to stay on the cutting edge of development. Users of the Block DX Decentralized Exchange dApp will always know the latest upgrades and features. Signal is the best way to stay informed regarding the latest cryptocurrency news by receiving information directly from the most innovative projects.