Blocknet Q1 Marketing Plan (Jan-Mar ‘18)

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The Blocknet Mission

Our goal is to communicate that Blocknet is the bridge between technologies, markets, and communities. Blocknet’s purpose is to serve the passionate communities behind every coin by enabling new freedoms and capabilities. We want every user to know that Blocknet was created to empower the blockchains they are already passionate about. To be for Blocknet is to be for all blockchains.


For Q1 the Blocknet team is allocating $50,000 from the Marketing Fund to support marketing campaigns.

Blocknet’s Q1 goals:

  • Redesign the Blocknet website
  • Create tutorial videos and documentation
  • Promote the DX Beta and Blocknet reward system
  • Spread understanding through articles
  • Promote Blocknet at global events

Q1 Initiatives

We are building a new website to communicate Blocknet’s mission and technology to the everyday crypto user. We are working with vendors to present Blocknet in a clean and intuitive way, with ample resources to streamline new users getting involved.

Key website elements will be:

  1. Blocknet’s Mission
  2. Decentralized Protocol — Blocknet
  3. Decentralized Exchange — Blocknet DEX
  4. Coins supported/future support
  5. Proof of Stake
  6. Service nodes
  7. Governance
  8. Timeline/Roadmap (include past progress)
  9. Contributors
  10. Support

We will be working with international partners to have translations for other languages.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • 20,000 unique visitors to the new website over the course of Q1

— — — — — —

We are planning on creating official Blocknet documentation and videos that can guide even the most novice user.

Video Tutorials

  1. How to create the Blocknet Wallet
  2. How to setup a Staking Node
  3. How to setup a Service Node
  4. How to send funds
  5. How to use coin control
  6. How to reindex in the event of a problem
  7. How to backup and restore from a wallet backup
  8. How to backup and manage your private keys
  9. How to setup the DEX
  10. How to place and accept an order on the DEX

These resources will also be available directly in the new wallet coming June 15th, 2018.


  • Within two clicks a user should be able to access support resources
  • 2.5 minute videos (except for Service Node setup)

— — — — — —

We plan to begin advertising across social media, Google Adwords, and the web. Our strategy is utilizing short campaigns that connect with the pain points other coin communities face when relying on centralized entities. We will promote Blocknet as the solution. If a coin is delisted from a major exchange or an exchange is hacked, we will engage those communities with real-time marketing campaigns.

Advertising campaigns will begin in March and focus on the DX UI beta and Blocknet rewards (Staking and Service Nodes). In February we will be working with VSA and other vendors to create marketing materials for the advertising launch in March.

We will also be working with other blockchain projects to engage in joint campaigns to promote the release of a new coin on the Blocknet DEX.


  • 200,000 impressions across all Q1 ads leading to 3000 click-throughs

— — — — — —

To keep Blocknet in the public eye we are planning to publish articles and newsletters on Medium, Steemit, and Reddit, while also pursuing high profile articles on CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph, etc. The goal is to publish 3 articles per month to inform and reach new users.

We also plan to have interviews with high profile Youtubers after the launch of the DX UI beta.


  • 1000+ reads on each article
  • 500 email subscribers by the end of Q1
  • 1 high profile Youtuber interview

— — — — — —

The Blocknet team will be attending key blockchain events around the world. This will give us an opportunity to promote Blocknet’s message and build relationships with other communities.

Planned Events

Blockchain Africa — March ‘18

Blockchain Expo — April ‘18

Consensus 2018 — May ‘18

Blockchain Devcon — May ‘18

Plus more to come!

— — — — — —

With all this groundwork we are laying to promote Blocknet, there is still no more effective form of marketing than viral, grassroots word of mouth, so we are going to need you, the community, to continue being the main voices of Blocknet. Our goal is to have an empowered community that’s equipped to reach other blockchain communities. We know that through the Blocknet community all other communities can have freedom from centralization… so let’s spread the word!

— — — — — — — — — — — —

Website / Protocol Website / Discord / Twitter/ Medium / Telegram / Reddit / Steemit / Newsletter / Facebook / BitcoinTalk / Proposal Forum

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