Q2 Marketing Plan (April-June ‘18)

The Blocknet Mission

Our goal is to communicate that Blocknet is the bridge between technologies, markets, and communities. Blocknet’s purpose is to serve the passionate communities behind every coin by enabling new freedoms and capabilities. We want every user to know that Blocknet was created to empower the blockchains they are already passionate about. To be for Blocknet, is to be for all blockchains.


Blocknet’s Q2 goals:

  • Add new feature and capabilities to the website
  • Create tutorial and informational videos
  • Spread understanding through articles
  • Scale up social media presence
  • Advertise throughout the web
  • Promote Blocknet at global events

Blocknet Q1 Review

Here are Q1's categories and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Blocknet Website

  • KPI: 20,000 unique visitors
  • Outcome: 60,000 unique visitors

Tutorial Videos and Documentation

  • KPI: 2.5 minute tutorial videos (except for Service Node setup)
  • Outcome: KPI pushed to Q2. Upon feedback from the community on setting up Block DX beta, we began reworking our approach to tutorials that would address popular issues and misunderstandings. Tutorial recordings are well underway with professional graphics and audio. See Q2 plan below for more details.


  • KPI: 200,000 impressions across all Q1 ads leading to 3000 click-throughs
  • Outcome: KPI goals pushed to Q2. Branding guidelines provided by VSA were completed March 21st (which can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZdVm7-oxaLjCdI_MhdI5V1f8FukrIQOz). Final branding materials from VSA will be delivered in Q2, enabling marketing campaigns to move forward. See Q2 plan below for more details.


  • KPI: 1000+ reads on each article
  • Outcome: Average hits: 1800+ per article
  • KPI: 500 email subscribers by the end of Q1
  • Outcome: 700+ email subscribers
  • KPI: 1 high profile Youtuber interview
  • Outcome: Crypto Candor Interview with Arlyn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcVSxnA48JM&t


  • KPI: Blockchain Africa — March ‘18
  • Outcome: Blockchain Africa was a success. Blocknet also attended TokenFest as a sponsor, which put Blocknet in front of 3000+ attendees while making numerous connections with other projects.

Q2 Initiatives

Website Development

New features and capabilities will be coming to blocknet.co. The focus for the future is to make the website a hub for all activity happening on the Blocknet. We are the community that connects other projects together, and we want our website to reflect that in tangible ways. Any news, coins, or projects being built on the Blocknet will be easy to find and support. We will begin implementing tools to engage the community in information gathering and content creation. We want blocknet.co to be first and final stop for anything related to Blocknet.

Key website elements will be:

Coin Profiles

  1. Price (on Block DX and across other markets)
  2. News
  3. Social media feeds
  4. Official links

Project Profiles (apps or capabilities being built upon the Blocknet platform)

  1. Overview
  2. Social media feeds
  3. Community interaction portal

Community driven news feeds

  1. Blocknet news
  2. Market/Price News
  3. Coin specific news (coins that are on the Blocknet)

Including additional informational resources

Updates will be coming to the website’s layout to incorporate these new features. This is a very ambitious project and the development may extend into Q3.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • 90,000 unique visitors to the new website over the course of Q2
  • 20+ coin profiles
  • 1 project profile
  • Community news feed visual design

— — — — — —

Tutorial & Informational Videos

Video Tutorials

Studio quality tutorials are underway. To account for common issues with new users, our tutorial resources will be the one stop shop for everything from creating a wallet to trading on Block DX. On top of the step-by-step instructions, we are putting a focus on explaining how Blocknet works so each user will finish their setup with an understanding of Blocknet as a whole.


  • How to create the Blocknet Wallet
  • How to setup a Staking Node
  • How to setup a Service Node
  • How to send funds
  • How to use coin control
  • How to reindex in the event of a problem
  • How to backup and restore from a wallet backup
  • How to backup and manage your private keys
  • How to setup Block DX
  • How to place and accept an order on Block DX

These resources will also be available from the new wallet coming June 15th, 2018.


  • Within two clicks a user should be able to access support resources
  • 10 tutorial videos

Informational Videos

These would be short videos with a Youtube style personality that would briefly tackle topics relating to Blocknet or other popular subjects in the crypto space.


  • What is the Blocknet?
  • What is an atomic-swap?
  • How is Block DX different from other exchanges and services?


  • 3 informational videos

— — — — — —

Promotional Articles

We will continue the momentum our articles garnered in Q1 by keeping the content coming. The goal is to publish 3 articles per month to inform and reach new users. We will also pursue publishing on outside platforms like CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph, etc. to reach new audiences.


  • 2000+ average hits per article
  • 1200 email subscribers by the end of Q2
  • 1 high profile Youtuber interview

— — — — — —

Social Media

We are updating our social media infrastructure to increase our social media presence and engage in coordinated cross platform campaigns beginning in May. On top of our usual announcement postings, we will be regularly posting promotional items to create engagement.


  • Increase followers by 20% across all social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Steemit, Reddit, Medium, etc)

— — — — — —


We will begin engaging in paid advertisements around the web. As community driven news feeds are developed, we will begin to use the flow of information to target specific pain points in crypto space.

As we grow our original content creation through articles and video, we will be able to promote those as well.

Advertising will begin once we have all brand marketing material from VSA (currently slated for April) and time to create content and campaigns.


  • 150,000 impressions across all Q2 ads leading to 2000 click-throughs

— — — — — —


The Blocknet team will continue attending key blockchain events around the world. This will give us an opportunity to promote Blocknet’s message and build relationships with other communities.

Blockchain Expo London — April ’18 (Sponsoring)

Consensus 2018 — May ‘18

Blockchain Expo Amsterdam — June ’18 (Sponsoring)


  • Raffle to engage attendees
  • 100 newsletter signups per sponsored event

— — — — — —


We are building the foundation that will empower our brand and community to reach every other crypto project. As Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others try to stifle the message of crypto by banning ads, we want to enable our community to stand on its own. Just as the Blocknet protocol is a hub for blockchain technologies through interoperability, the Blocknet brand is a hub that connects all projects and communities. Just as Block DX is a free market exchange of value, the Blocknet brand represents a free-flowing exchange of ideas and information. Let’s pool our talents and resources and make Blocknet known!

— — — — — — — — — — — —

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