Blocknet Q3 Marketing Plan

The Blocknet Mission

Our goal is to communicate that Blocknet is a bridge between technologies, markets, and communities. Blocknet’s purpose is to serve the passionate communities behind every coin by enabling new freedoms and capabilities. We want every user to know that Blocknet was created to empower the blockchains they are already passionate about. To be for Blocknet, is to be for all blockchains.

We are building the foundation that will empower our brand and community to reach every other crypto project. As Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and other try to stifle and control the message of crypto by limiting ads, we want to enable our community to stand on its own. Just as the Blocknet protocol is a hub for blockchain technologies through interoperability, the Blocknet brand is a hub that connects all projects and communities. Just as Block DX is a free market exchange of value, the Blocknet brand represents a free-flowing exchange of ideas and participation. We want to do this by creating cross-community tools and original content.


The target audience of the majority of Blocknet’s marketing focus is the crypto enthusiast. Until our technology has scaled for mainstream use, our primary focus is expanding the primary demographic of our current community, which is the crypto enthusiast. Their experience/understanding of the space varies from novice to a early adopter. The majority do not have dev backgrounds or a deep technical understanding of blockchains as a whole. They understand the purpose of blockchain technology and the fundamental philology the tech represents — decentralization, anonymity, self-responsibility, trustlessness, etc.

Our focus is to create a foundation that speaks to this audience. When the next bull run comes, it’s going to be powered by this demographic. The majority of new users that will be coming into the space will not have deep understanding of the tech, but have an a basic understanding of what blockchains are trying to do. We want to reach these kind of people with the message of Blocknet and provide tools that empower them to learn/explore more.


We are the community that connects other projects together, and we want our website to reflect that in tangible ways. The purpose of is to be a hub of tools that serve every coin and project on the Blocknet. By creating features and tools that can serve all communities, we can provide services that organically draw in other communities. Since Q2 these tools have been in development, and will to begin rolling them out in Q3.


Coin Portals give each community a home on the Blocknet to streamline access to news, information, and bounties. With easy management tools, admins from each coin can manage their feeds, community tools, and information.

Features include:

  • Coin overview and information
  • News Feed — A feed of news and important announcements.
  • Social Media Feeds — Aggregates social media into a customizable feed to showcase their activity across
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Medium
  • Steemit
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Community Tools
  • Forum
  • Bounty tools for crowdsourcing articles, tweets, news mentions, memes, etc


Project Portals is similar to Coin Portals, but are for projects built upon the Blocknet platform. This will allow communities to form around projects they are passionate about to follow progress, provide feedback, and share ideas. See Coin Portal features.


Users can follow their favorite coins and projects which aggregates news and announcements into a personal feed. Users can set up notifications for news, announcements, forum posts, etc via Discord integration which will send a notification DM.

This is a very ambitious project and the development may extend into Q4.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • +20% growth compared to comparable projects
  • New Forum launch with Discord notification integration
  • Launch Coin Portals with active social media feeds
  • User Profiles with aggregated news feed
  • Add 2 languages to our website
  • New Press Info page
  • Publish articles directly on


We have found that content that connected Blocknet with another coins performed the best over content only about Blocknet. With this in mind, we want to increase production of content and produce works that connect communities together. We have an extensive network of coin partnerships we’ve made through our Coin-a-day campaign and we are looking for clever ways to fully utilize those connects in our original content.


We have found that articles and content that connected Blocknet with another coins performed the best over content only about Blocknet. With this in mind, we want to increase our article output and partner with more coins/projects.


  • 3 cross-project articles
  • +20% Medium growth
  • +15% email subscribers


These would be short videos with a Youtube style personality that would briefly tackle topics relating to Blocknet or other popular subjects in the crypto space. Professional graphics would accompany the script of the video to give visuals to the subject matter.

Example topics:

  • What is the Blocknet?
  • What is an atomic-swap?
  • How is Block DX different from other exchanges and services?


  • 2 Youtube videos


We are putting together a Media Library of graphics and templates to allow for greater community participation in content creation. This will not only help Blocknet’s Social Media Teams with creating more engaging social media posts, but can also serve as resources for community members to create content for their own social media posting. With a variety of templates, layouts, and media, we want to empower everyone with the freedom to create. These templates are critical for creating engaging content as we scale into more languages and regions. Templates include:

  • Announcements
  • Promotional material
  • Quotes
  • Market News
  • Feature lists
  • Comparison charts
  • Events
  • Block DX facts
  • Block DX application submitted
  • Block DX listings


  • 8 templates ready for social media use


As our current roadmap comes to fruition , Block DX will have all the fundamental features needed for MVP, opening the door for more mainstream adoption. We are preparing for this time and are excited to jump fully into getting the word out about Block DX. This will be Blocknet’s first fully realized product and are excited to find creative ways to get this message known.


  • 1 feature highlight video
  • Block DX promotional graphics and templates


In Q2 we dramatically increased our frequency and quality of social media posting, and now we want to focus on scaling our social media interaction with other communities. With everything in place for Social Media Teams Initiative we can begin expanding Blocknet’s reach to new regions and languages. We have several community members actively participating and are looking for more to join the team. Click here to learn how to join.


  • Increase followers by 20% across all social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Steemit, Reddit, Medium, Discord, Telegram, etc)
  • Add 2 languages to our social media outreach


We recently released the Marketing Organization Framework (MOF), and in Q3 we want to begin using it to expand the Marketing Cell to allow more community participation. Our goal is to see Blocknet grow into a mature decentralized organization that is ready for contributors of various skills and abilities. Click here to see the areas we’ve identified that we want to scale into.


  • Add 2 contributor writers
  • Add 2 contributor translators
  • Add 1 contributor designer


This is a challenging time for crypto, which makes it even more important to have a clear vision of what we want to accomplish. The whole of our vision comes down to connecting communities, empowering community participation, and creating approachable resources. The progress being made on Block DX this quarter, gives us an exciting message to get out to the world. This is our opportunity to come together, share ideas, and work together as a unified community. Join the conversation and let’s utilize our strengths to build a lasting future.