Blocknet releases its beautiful new wallet

The new Blocknet wallet has had a complete overhaul and has been rebuilt from the ground up, giving greater security, a more intuitive user experience and a crisp, snappy design with expanded functionality.


  • No longer are there functions hidden and buried in menus.
  • Any operation can be accessed in a maximum of 2 clicks.
  • Built in C++ (rather than Electron) for greater security.
  • Creating proposals has been streamlined.
  • Voting for Service Nodes is much easier from within the wallet.
  • An automatically updated “hotlink,” area for your most recently used functions.

Download the new wallet HERE - version 3.9.22-redesign - and view the wallet reveal that took place a few months ago here to to preview some of the new features and how to navigate around them.

Note: The new wallet is NOT a mandatory download but it is now the preferred and recommended version superseding the previous version. The old wallet (3.9.22) will still be available for now, as there are still some unfinished components in the new wallet. Please make sure your private keys and wallet.dat files are backed up when installing the new wallet.

See below for some beautiful screencaps from the new wallet.

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