Blocknet & VSA Partners UI Demonstration Details and Schedule: Friday 10th November, Noon (UTC-6)

The Blocknet and VSA Partners are proud to reveal the prototype UI/UX for the Blocknet Decentralized Exchange at midday (-6UTC) on the 10th November. To view the demo on YouTube, please click here:

Or COPY AND PASTE this link: (note: Zoom is limited to first 500 viewers — you may have to download the Zoom software.)**

In an exciting development, Blocknet recently revealed its UI partnership for its decentralized exchange. A vital component to the success of a decentralized exchanged is the user interface. To that end, Blocknet has partnered with VSA Partners, a design agency with over 30 years experience. On the 10th November, the fruits of this joint effort will be unveiled in a live demo which will introduce the new UI and the team building it.

To view the demo on YouTube, please click here:

To view the demo please COPY AND PASTE this link: (note: limited to first 500 viewers)

The schedule is as follows:

12.00: Blocknet Introduction

  • What is Blocknet?
  • Blocknet /VSA Partnership

12.05: VSA Partners Introduction

  • Team Introduction
  • Presenter Introduction

12.10: Design process

  • Market Research
  • Inspirations
  • Design Choices

12.15: Design Demo

  • UI Walkthrough

12.25: Blocknet Closing Remarks

After the demonstration the Blocknet team will answer the top 20 upvoted questions on Sunday in a Reddit AMA here.

In addition, a recording of the demo will be available afterwards on our Youtube channel for those who missed it.

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