Major Update to the Blocknet Wallet. (Decred Support, BOT Friendly API & More) NOTE: This is a REQUIRED update. To remain compatible, please update ASAP

IMPORTANT: with this update, the DX is no longer compatible with previous wallet versions. Please update ASAP to remain compatible. This is a required update. A new Blocknet wallet is required to remain feature-compatible and to continue earning stake rewards. Download:

We’re excited to release a slew of significant features to the Blocknet decentralized exchange. Our latest release, includes the following:

  • DECRED: We added support for DECRED and several other projects utilising 35 character addresses. This was a blocker bug preventing us from moving further than the placing of orders; you can expect further testing to follow, and quite likely the first full DECRED trade!
  • API AND BOTS: We have updated the order book to support API trading. On most exchanges, API trading makes up the bulk of exchange volume, and is a necessary requirement to achieve high liquidity. Since the Blocknet is intended as token ecosystem infrastructure that will chiefly be a service consumed by dapps, this is a key feature.
    Bot builders are now invited to explore the permissionless world of decentralized exchange!
  • We surfaced the exchange protocol’s rollback feature in the UI.
  • We fixed an order duplication bug on the order book.
  • We fixed a stake reward issue.
  • We fixed some API issues.

Download: Download the latest release from our Github repo.(Note: please download the new wallet by 17:00 UTC if possible. If not, you will need to re-sync the chain.)
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