New tool for Blocknet Service Node Operators!

We’re excited to reveal community member @ishkb1’s tool for Blocknet service node operators:

What it is intended to do:
• Collect the latest wallet releases of supported wallets and candidates.
• Collect knowledge around the nodes and their intended usage
• Share version updates to all subscribed (still testing this but nearly done)
• Collect statistical information regarding the network
Current functionality:
• An overview of supported wallets
• A basic FAQ (to be extended with categories)
• Basic network stat information (Graphs will come when there is enough data collected) (thanks @lautrer)
• A calculator to calculate between currencies
• An Xbridge generator for currencies which have a known xbridge .conf contents
• An option for user comments to share specific details
• An option for test comments to share details for the wallets being tested
• Moderated submitted data. To avoid abuse and therefore polluting contents
Future functionality (ASAP):
• Graphical overviews of the Blocknet network
• Better updates on wallet size consumption, network usage and related
• A getting started guide
• Improved FAQ with categories
• A working API to Github to connect to the Blocknet development base

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