Please update your Blocknet wallets to the latest release (clients and nodes) ASAP.

Fork Management Guide

Am I on a Fork?

It’s good practice to always upgrade your wallet to the latest release. Being on an older version of the wallet may result in a fork being created. Follow these steps to ensure you are on the correct chain:

  1. Open your wallet
  2. In the program menu, go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Debug Console
  3. A new window will appear with an input field at the bottom, type in: 

(If using Linux command line, navigate to the “bin” folder within your Blocknet installation (EG: “~/blocknetdxd/bin/”), and type: ./blocknetdx-cli getblockchaininfo )

4. A message will appear showing something similar to the following:

5. The important info here is ‘blocks’ and ‘bestblockhash

6. Go to the explorer

7. Find the latest ‘Block Height’ that matches the ‘blocks’ value from step 4 and click on it:

8. Clicking on the block height number should have brought you to a new page that shows details for that block:

9. Check to see if the ‘Hash’ value matches the ‘bestblockhash’ from step 4

10. If the block heights AND block hash do not match, you are on a fork (different chain).

Consequences of Being on a Fork

  • Your Service Node and/or Staking Node may start receiving more rewards, but they will be worthless as they are not being received by the main chain.
  • Your Staking Node being on a different chain decreases the security of the main chain.
  • Your Service Node being on a different chain decreases the service of the main chain.

How to Get on Correct Fork

First, make sure you have a back up of your wallet.dat file and your private keys.

  1. Close the wallet. (If using Linux command line, use: ./blocknetdx-cli stop in the bin directory.)
  2. Update wallet to the latest release 3.9.16
  3. Navigate to the data directory:
    - On Windows: C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\BlocknetDX\
     Or paste in %appdata%\Roaming\BlocknetDX\ in the file explorer path field
    - On MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/BlocknetDX/
    - On Linux: ~/.blocknetdx/

4. Remove the blocks and chainstate folders (If using Linux command line type:
rm -rf blocks then press enter
rm -rf chainstate then press enter)

5. Remove(IMPORTANT) the peer.dat, mncache.dat, and mnpayments.dat files. (If using Linux command line type:
rm peer.dat then press enter
rm mncache.dat then press enter
rm mnpayments.dat then press enter)

6. Restart and sync your wallet.

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