Please vote for the latest Community Superblock!

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Hello Snode owners! It’s time to vote for the latest proposals!

There is a great responsibility for Service Node (Snode) owners to vote either “yes,” or “no,” on the proposals. It cannot be emphasised enough how much the community as well as the Blocknet team relies on Snodes to vote on project proposals to ensure continued funding for development of the Blocknet.

Superblock 561600

Proposal: Art Director 808 / Bob (Part-time position as Art Director)

Role description and responsibilities: @808 / Bob as Art Director, will take lead on overseeing and creating Blocknet visuals and design. In particular, Bob will work closely with other team members to find the best solutions for Blocknet’s visuals needs. This entails taking responsibility of the overall visual appearance of Blocknet and how it communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features, and psychologically appeals to a target audience. Bob is given a task and figures out the visual elements, what artistic style to use, and when to use motion, stills or other means of expression.

  • Promotional visuals
  • Quotes
  • Market News
  • Feature lists
  • Comparison charts
  • Events
  • Block DX facts
  • Block DX application submitted
  • Block DX listings
  • To vote for Proposal: Art Director 808 / Bob, type the following command:
mnbudget vote 482f04a6959092334b0006aabd92cdd5eeec58e481dd3cd156b6676de8249193 yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 482f04a6959092334b0006aabd92cdd5eeec58e481dd3cd156b6676de8249193 yes/no

Proposal: atc-sb-561600

Role description and responsibilities:

  • XR improvements/debugging/support
  • Finish XR SPV
  • implement XR Fee payments
  • To vote for Proposal: atc-sb-561600, type the following command:
mnbudget vote c028db6adb2de1d18595a9fddc674c3a7b75d8ccad000e5f6f4e5f6a3b82e5f6 yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote c028db6adb2de1d18595a9fddc674c3a7b75d8ccad000e5f6f4e5f6a3b82e5f6 yes/no

Proposal: hanniabu-561600

Role description and responsibilities: As a core contributor of Blocknet, I take part in many daily tasks that help keep the project running smoothly, as well as larger tasks that move Blocknet forward. Putting in an average 60 hours a week, I partake in projects that build Blocknet's foundation and assist in other projects in order to help meet objectives. This proposal is for compensation to allow me to continue contributing to Blocknet.

  • Research on automated blockchain testing
  • New configurations file format:
  • Compose documentation
  • Compose content
  • Compose specifications
  • Wallet QA
  • Block DX QA
  • Participate in interviews
  • Roadmap discussion
  • Manage and organize files and documents
  • Review announcements and publications
  • Convention prep, attending convention, and followups
  • Newsletter content, review, and submission
  • Respond to questions from the community
  • Respond to emails
  • Fill out applications and forms
  • Litepaper
  • Wallet tutorial videos
  • Ongoing research on compatibility testing automation
  • Tools for compatibility testing
  • To vote for Proposal: Hanniabu-561600, type the following command:
mnbudget vote ff3b70b45e611965e8b75fffe37ff5d8b694332d042f0d74a3a52390d289d26f yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote ff3b70b45e611965e8b75fffe37ff5d8b694332d042f0d74a3a52390d289d26f yes/no

Proposal: marketing-cryptoved

Role description and responsibilities:

  • Collaboration & Editing of Current and Upcoming Articles
  • Collaborating on Current & Upcoming Marketing Initiatives with the Marketing Team (strategies, advertisements, content, etc.)
  • Brand Lead (Collaborate, oversee, coordinate & train social media teams; oversee Blocknet brand messaging along with other Brand Leads)
  • To vote for Proposal: marketing-cryptoved, type the following command:
mnbudget vote bdef3210bb9da34efad33e1f1d63c8cf5d26add854ce6f6becce0101e5744de1 yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote bdef3210bb9da34efad33e1f1d63c8cf5d26add854ce6f6becce0101e5744de1 yes/no

Proposal: MarketingLead-shane

Role description and responsibilities:

  • Manage design, copywrite, and web development vendors
  • Uphold Brand Guidelines and uniform messaging
  • Build relationships with every project Blocknet supports
  • Handle daily marketing & administrative responsibilities
  • Oversee and assist community based marketing initiatives
  • Take on creative tasks that include writing, design, and media production
  • Expand article workflow to enable greater throughput
  • Onboard community members for website translations
  • Launch new “Press Info” webpage
  • Continue web development of Coin Portals and community tools
  • Lay groundwork for Q4 Marketing Plan
  • To vote for Proposal: MarketingLead-shane, type the following command:
mnbudget vote 78b8c6e47b583c99bfc451a78e8b220ee1d338d685fb2d2debfc4d68f1ef55fe yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 78b8c6e47b583c99bfc451a78e8b220ee1d338d685fb2d2debfc4d68f1ef55fe yes/no

Proposal: michael-dev-sb561600

Role description and responsibilities:

  • DX BTC Pricing
    Block DX will have the ability to display prices in terms of BTC similar to the experience seen in centralized exchanges. I am architecting this and leading the development.
  • XRouter
    I will be responsible for XWallets integration in addition to code reviewing XRouter dev commits.
  • XBridge
    I am code reviewing all XBridge related features and bug fixes.
  • Wallet Redesign
    I am leading the development effort for these remaining Wallet Redesign items:
    - Transaction History
    - Address screens
    - Settings screen
    - Tools Debug Console
    - Tools Peers List
    - Tools BIP38
    - Tools Wallet Repair
    - General Info Popups
    - Coin control address integration
    - Create Proposal integration
  • Block DX Auto-updater
    I am leading the development of the auto-updater in that we hope to launch in September. This requires code signing, so it may not make it in, but it’s something we’re working on. This allows Block DX users to update to newer versions without manually downloading files from Github.
  • Automated Build System
    I have created a Gitlab automated build system for both Block DX and the Blocknet wallet that allows our QA team to more efficiently test the development teams’ work. This is a public system, and anyone in the community can also download and help test these builds. Please reach out to hanniabu for more information.
  • Bug fixes
    I will continue doing bug fixes and integration work in support of the August/September roadmap.
  • To vote for Proposal: michael-dev-sb561600, type the following command:
mnbudget vote d56d9dbe69e82c46d99bb587f741df71b6674e532642f289619fde151e10d6f2 yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote d56d9dbe69e82c46d99bb587f741df71b6674e532642f289619fde151e10d6f2 yes/no

Proposal: ProcessGovernance

Dungor with contribution from Fattox and other team members.

  • Process diagrams for the Proposal and Voting process.
  • Process diagram for how this governance will be maintained by future SuperBlock votes
  • A simplified Role Tier
  • A lot of empty headlines that others can create proposals to fill, and that I will continue to work on.
  • To vote for Proposal: ProcessGovernance, type the following command:
mnbudget vote 5e1b1f996cb1eec7e25c5c7760ae76ee9c34f4add66fa41ef842e7e47d4be3da yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 5e1b1f996cb1eec7e25c5c7760ae76ee9c34f4add66fa41ef842e7e47d4be3da yes/no

Proposal: Social Coordinator (Philip Marshall)

Role description and responsibilities:

  • As a brand co-lead, manage and train the social media team.
  • Ensure communications from the developers and marketing team can be transmitted in a clear and timely manner to the community.
  • Respond to the community.
  • Compile and write regular newsletter, write and contribute to articles on all platforms and continue to contribute to various marketing materials and initiatives.
  • Manage, source, correspond and coordinate payments to news and media outlets.
  • To vote for Proposal: Social Coordinator, type the following command:
mnbudget vote 8338b00dd6f6b8207f24cbd3daf9b5b8d5d0c224804d813358771450acfe8e95 yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 8338b00dd6f6b8207f24cbd3daf9b5b8d5d0c224804d813358771450acfe8e95 yes/no

Proposal: StrategyGroup (Dungor)

Mandate the strategy group. Add remove users by Superblock vote.

  • Populate the group with current memberlist.
  • To vote for Proposal: StrategyGroup, type the following command:
mnbudget vote 0d56e5b9b9fa4c53d25a038860d99bcab2a5166aff1bf25d84a5a70216ab13d6 yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 0d56e5b9b9fa4c53d25a038860d99bcab2a5166aff1bf25d84a5a70216ab13d6 yes/no

Proposal: UAT-QA-Team-561600

Team consists of 86b, aderks, and Fattox

  • Integration strategy
  • Product analysis
  • Bug reporting, error tracking, and logging
  • Collaboration with other projects and teams
  • New coin integration, confirming, and corresponding QA
  • Genesis testing
  • Exploit checks
  • Brand lead assistance with marketing and SMT initiatives
  • Communicating with partners and project delegates
  • XRouter testing and QA
  • Block DX UI QA
  • Wallet release QA
  • Auto configuration testing and QA
  • To vote for Proposal: UAT-QA-Team-561600, type the following command:
mnbudget vote a59708ee84b59f4c7d33d5a2959f7c3e20e9f856355c89c2d4a581d8c5a675a0 yes/no
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote a59708ee84b59f4c7d33d5a2959f7c3e20e9f856355c89c2d4a581d8c5a675a0 yes/no
  • A proposal category was created in the Blocknet Discord for focused and specific discussion of proposals and ideas. Within this category, there is a channel called #anon-snode-feedback for Service Node owners to provide anonymous feedback on proposals.
  • The amount requested must be 4320 BLOCK or less — Votes in favor must be greater than votes against by at least 10% of the total number of Service Nodes.
  • The proposals that pass are sorted in a descending order list by the sum of yes votes minus no votes. If multiple proposals have an equal sum of yes votes minus no votes, those are sorted randomly. If there are not enough funds remaining in the Superblock for a proposal to be paid out, it is skipped (not paid out), and the next proposal in the list is checked.
  • Multi-month proposals are voted on each month and are treated in the same manner as normal proposals in the ordered list.
  • There is also something called a ‘final budget,’ which needs to be submitted between 2880 blocks and 28 blocks before the Superblock. By default, Service Nodes automatically vote yes on final budgets. Moving forward, proposal voting will end 2880 blocks before the Superblock since the final budget locks in the proposal vote counts.
  • Voting will become a great deal easier and much more user-friendly in the new wallet, taking just a few clicks. You can view the designs for the voting functionality here.
  • An introduction to Superblocks and a guide to voting can be found here.

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