Please vote in the latest Superblock - Voting will close May 8th at around 2am UTC+0.

Please vote for the latest Community Superblock!

Hello Snode owners! Its time to vote for the latest proposals!

There is a great responsibility for snode owners to vote either “yes” or “no” on the proposals. It cannot be emphasised enough how much the community as well as the Blocknet team relies on Service Nodes to vote on project proposals to ensure continued funding for development of the Blocknet.

There are 2 proposals submitted for Superblock 388800. Voting will close May 8th at around 2am UTC+0.

The latest Superblock details are below:

Superblock 388800

Rationale: To ensure ongoing evolution and development of the Blocknet is financially secure.

Proposal 1: XBridge Team

  • Continued development on UI/QT

Cost Assessment A fixed amount of 490 + 50 BLOCK Total: 540 BLOCK

Proposal 2: Core Team Core Development and Operations — 805(michael)

  • Core development team lead

Coordinators — 580(hanniabu,philipmarshall,synechist)

  • Synchronize and drive community and team efforts

Marketing — 460 (shane)

  • Marketing team lead

Support/Test — 633 (86b,aderks)

  • Support team (wallet support, testing support)

DXTools — 430 (infinity7592)

  • DX API regression testing for XBridge DX API

Frontend — 518(Graphics designer,JS Developer)

  • DX UI and API integration

Dev fund (replenishment)

Community Reps — 50 (redbaron,stormingj)

  • Work with core team as community liaisons

Coworking — 200

Cost Assessment A fixed amount of 3730 BLOCK plus 50 BLOCK submit fee Total: 3780 BLOCK

Total Cost Assessment:

  • XBridge Team — xxxxBLOCK

Superblock Total: 540 BLOCK Rainy Day Fund Total: 3780 BLOCK

How To Vote

  • Open wallet and go to Tools > Debug Console. The debug console will open in a new window.

If voting from the terminal, type in the following:

  • To vote for the ATC Team, type the following command: Code:blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 721d457fff2308c8fc345b70e01cfb0de0ff703302f72437102aefb0cf6e66a5 yes

For more detailed instructions see:

In addition, we have created a separate proposal notification email alert reminder that snode owners can sign up for here so they do not forget to vote. (This email is separate to the Word on the BLOCK newsletter email.


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