The Blocknet Governance Community Voting system has launched! Vote for the first Superblock Funding Proposal.

Superblock Funding Proposals

Introduction: The Blocknet governance community voting system has been implemented. When the Blocknet chain reaches 86400 blocks this will represent the first Superblock creation of up to approximately 4,320 Blocks. The creation, use and distribution of this Superblock will be voted on by the community via community proposals. New Superblocks of 4,320 Blocks will be created approximately every subsequent month. Submission of a proposal costs 50 BLOCK which will be added to every proposal to be reimbursed if successful. This value is subject to review at a later date. This deters spam and stops unfeasible proposals from being submitted. In order for a proposal to pass there are two requirements, at least 10% of active service nodes must vote and “yes” votes must have a majority. To submit a new proposal, please post it here: using the following template:

  • Proposal Name

Voting Guide: The process of voting takes place in the Service Node wallet. To see all current proposals go to the debug console of the Wallet-QT and type “mnbudget show” or enter the terminal and type “blocknetdx-cli mnbudget show”. The proposal-hash for each open proposal can be seen here. To vote, go to the debug console of the Wallet-QT and type “mnbudget vote proposal-hash yes/no”, or enter the terminal and type “blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote proposal-hash yes/no”. (Replace the words “proposal hash” with the actual hash and then choose either yes or no). Hit return and your vote will be registered.

Details of the first proposal are below.

Development Proposal:

Proposal 1: Payment for the ongoing development of the Blocknet.

Rationale: To ensure ongoing evolution and development of the Blocknet is financially secure.


  • Service node verification system.


Below are the teams the community will be funding through the treasury superblock to support the ongoing development efforts of the Blocknet DX.

  • ATC Team: Responsible for Xbridge and Core Blocknet DX development. This team is leading the development effort on the Blocknet blockchain.

Cost Assessment:

  • ATC Team: 600+50 BLOCK.

Total: 2110 Blocks

Fund Custodians:

  • ATC Team: Dan Metcalf (atcsecure)

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