The Blocknet reveals it’s Roadmap!

We’re excited to release our roadmap! Details below. Comments welcome.

- Dec 2014: first messages sent across blockchains (data transport proof-of-concept)
- March 2015: partnership with Bitnation forged
- March 2015: Decentralized exchange UI/UX: business logic and mockups
- April 2015: Blocknet Think Tank launched; breadth of scope of the Blocknet seen to extend to the entire token ecosystem
- May 2015: Ethereum collaboration; commitment to integrate ETH
- October 2015: Decentralized exchange v.1 (proof-of-concept)
- December 2015: Blockchain router v.1
- March 2016: Decentralized exchange v.2 (TierNolan’s algo, no CLTV)
- August 2016: Decentralized exchange v.3 (CLTV: nonmalleable design)
- Sept 2016: Debugging and testing; order book
- May 2017: Service node design: QoS provider concept
- June 2017: Decentralized exchange app: specification documentation (for UI/UX partner)
- July 2017: Production blockchain: work commences

Coming up

note: upcoming milestones are subject to change, and some require new ground be broken in crypto, and thus are to be interpreted as intents, not commitments. Development is in an agile manner and so is not to deadlines; Rather, continual progress is to be expected.

-Production blockchain launch
- Service nodes launch on mainnet
- Design specification document (“white paper”)
- Decentralized exchange app (“UI”)
- Decentralized exchange SPV multiwallet (no full blockchains)
- Chain relay: trust-minimised data verification
- Mobile Blocknet wallet app
- Mobile decentralized exchange app
- “Offline orders” feature (orders stay live after wallet is closed)
- Decentralized leveraged trading (p2p loan swaps locked to longs/shorts)
- Decentralized ICO dapp
- Browser-based exchange
- Modularisation of core components (network overlay, blockchain router and data transport)
- Abstraction of core services into dedicated APIs (service lookup, inter-chain messaging, and decentralized exchange)
- Service delivery: proof-of-legitimacy (trustless exchange of non-currency)