The full beta of Block DX has been released!

We are happy to announce the full beta release of Block DX!

Downloads and Documents

To get started with trading on Block DX, you can download the latest version of the Blocknet wallet and Block DX from the website, then follow this setup guide:

Service Nodes, Stakers, and Traders, please update your wallets to the latest build v3.9.16 found here:

The Block DX UI clients also need to be updated to v0.7.8:

Version list for compatible wallets:

  • BTC: BitcoinCore 0.16.0 or OmniCore 0.3.0
  • BLOCK: 3.9.16
  • DASH:
  • DGB:
  • DOGE:
  • FAIR:
  • LBC:
  • LTC: 0.14.2
  • MONA: 0.15.1
  • MUE:
  • NMC: 0.13.99
  • PIVX: 3.0.6
  • QTUM:
  • SYS:
  • VTC:
  • VIA:
  • XC:

If you need help with the Block DX, you can create a support ticket here or join our Discord. If you just want to leave feedback, please use this form.

There are also many other resources and guides that can be explored if you want to discover more about Blocknet.

Block DX Technical Details

  • Block DX allows trustless P2P trading directly from the wallets of the coins being traded.
  • Users will be able to conduct trades in real-time via manual order matching.
  • There is complete trading pair freedom so any two supported coins can be traded.
  • There are no accounts or sign-ups required, just the synced blockchain of the coins being traded.

Block DX Beta Updates:

  • Fixed bug when submitting Order Form and receiving an error, subsequently requiring a restart.
  • Precision issues on orders have been fixed.
  • Decimal switcher on Orderbook has been fixed.
  • Added an error if the create and accept order forms have the same address in both maker and taker fields.
  • Make Order button staying disabled has been fixed.
  • Frequent issues regarding the 2nd coin populating on the Select Market Pair Form have been fixed.
  • Filled orders not showing up has been fixed.
  • In My Balances, sorting alphabetically has been fixed.
  • Made internal server error warning less aggressive.
  • Updated the spread calculation.
  • Added scroll bar and set max height for My Balances so it no longer pushes the Order Form off the screen.
  • Fixed a bug to no longer allow users to submit orders with 0 specified as the size or amount.

Future Highlights

  • New Blocknet Wallet. An improved interface for better user experience with additional functionality such as the ability to view and vote on Superblock proposals.
  • SPV Wallets to enable trading without needing to download the blockchain of the coin being traded.
  • Automated XBridge Configurations to Simplify th setup process for Block DX.
  • Direct Trading. The ability to create an order that can only be filled by a specified counterparty.

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