The ramp-up to our production release has started!

Here is a short list of what’s in the works for the Blocknet:

  • Design partner reveal (today)
  • UI reveal (next week)
  • “Toolkit” site that lists supported coins, their config files, documentation, and other data (ishkb1)
  • TradingView integration work (Core Team)
  • Bot “skeleton” in Python for easy DX bot building (infinity7592)
  • DX API enhancements (Core Team)
  • DX order book enhancements (Core Team)
  • Visual DX explorer (infinity7592)
  • Monthly quant report (courtesy of
  • New Blocknet website
  • New DX website
  • Analytics site (think, but for a DX)
  • First demo/testing cycles of the DX frontend
  • 0x integration (addition of Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens to the DX)
  • Ethfinex integration (Bitfinex’s order book on the DX)

— — — — — — — —