VSA Partners submits major Blocknet marketing strategy proposal

VSA Partners propose a comprehensive market research, media strategy, and campaign development plan for the Blocknet

Following the unveiling of the frontend for the Blocknet’s decentralized exchange app, VSA Partners have submitted a proposal to the Blocknet community to extend its role in the direction of what it does best: being a full-service creative agency.

Strategic Importance

A sound digital strategy, and marketing activities on a large scale, are frequently perceived as a key strategic requirement for the successful launch of a decentralized exchange. As a consumer-facing app, and as the first dapp to utilise the Blocknet’s inter-chain infrastructure, it is all the more important that it acquires traction amongst crypto traders. As such, VSA proposes to play a pivotal role in the Blocknet’s future.

VSA Proposal

Communal review and democratic funding

In order for a proposal to be funded, it must be submitted to the Blocknet’s p2p Community Governance Network and voted in by a majority of service nodes, ensuring a robust review process and a transparent approval mechanism. The vote will likely take place at block 216,000 but this will be conformed in due course.

Prior to the submission of this proposal, discussion will take place in the Blocknet’s Rocket Chat, in the #marketing channel, to take suggestions and to arrive at informal consensus about the proposal.

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