Apple killing off the headphone port is stupid beyond belief
Haje Jan Kamps

That is the problem with using a device designed for a specific task for a different purpose. I own a Triggertrap and it feels to me like a hack, rather than an elegant product, precisely because of the audio connection. The switch to wireless headphones is a trend long coming that you guys must have been preparing for. I also understand that there are no standards for device/camera connectivity, or even camera open apis that can be used by developers like you to provide camera add on products easily, so it looks like you are in a hard place. To add insult to injury, camera manufacturers mobile apps, or at least Canon’s in my case, are hard to use or hard or urelieable to connect to the camera so I don’t use it. Luckily, I won’t be upgrading to an iPhone 7, but my iPhone 5s is starting to show its age and the story may be different next year. I hope by then you have an elegant solution. Good luck.

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