An application put forth by the Government of Somalia requesting to join the East Africa Community [EAC] will have to wait for a little while, it has emerged, following a meeting of Heads of States and governments who held an extraordinary summit, Saturday.

The virtual extraordinary summit of Heads of…

Farmaajo numerous crimes against democracy in Somalia , his misuse of power and continous lack of regard for the citizens of Somalia must not go unpunished. …

The silence and lack of productive directives of the Interim government led by Farmaajo towards the continously delayed election is undemocratic.

Farmaajo numerous crimes against the democracy, his misuse of power and continous lack of regard for the citizens of Somalia must not go unpunished. Farmaajo constant oppression of peaceful…

Demonstration is set to hold again tomorrow February 26th to show the discontent of the citizens towards the political occurance in Somalia.

The Federal government are yet to decide or make a decisive comment on the date of elections in Somalia.

The Farmaajo led government has led this country to a political crisis that digs deeper each day and the citizen are the major victims of this bad and selfish leadership.

Somalia’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirazak has tested positive for COVID-19.

"I have tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Burundi am now in quarantine on my 8th day," the Minister said.

The Minister expressed concern over the surging cases in the capital in Mogadishu and urged the public to adhere…

Somali presidential candidates and opposition alliance parties planned to hold a major demonstration against what they see as the illegitimate rule of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on February 19th, Farmajo presidential mandate expired on February 8th.

On the night before the protests, however, the hotel where majority of the opposition conveyed…

The Constitutional duration for government in office is four years and this is the democratic way of things, the Farmaajo government whose term expired on February 8th are no longer the legitimate leaders of Somalia. The Farmaajo led government are currently the interim government in county until the election is held.

The inability of Farmaajo to hold an election as plunge the country into a deeper security crisis that continues to hurt the people of Somalia.

The current security crisis in the country is unconstitutional and could have been easily avoid if the transiting government have held an election as previously agreed upon.

Farmajo is largely responsible for the current security crisis in the country and not foreign forces.

The Farmaajo led administration has not been able to hold an election in Somalia as agreed upon in the September 2020 agreement.

The current government in place in Somalia is a temporary transitional government. …

Security forces in Somalia's capital fired on hundreds of people protesting the delay of the country's election on Friday as at least one explosion was reported at the international airport and armoured personnel carriers blocked major streets.

The chaos occurred hours after Somalia's government and opposition leaders said gunfire erupted…

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