While thoughtful, enabling regulations can help the market grow, a brashly curtailing evolution of the same has the potential to kill the market.

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This is the second in a series of articles on Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”). First being an article on how we plan to do our ICO?

NOTE 1: This is the stage where distinctions and definitions are coming from the Crypto Industry rather than the regulators. The three broad categories/stands we have witnessed thus so far in the regulatory landscape are:

  1. Extreme Resistance (for example, China)
  2. Strict, Cautious & Open (USA)
  3. Open & Friendly (Switzerland)

NOTE 2: While tokens can be perceived to be means to just raise capital with no subsequent value creation for investors, the tokens also serve a bigger purpose for companies in categories (2) and (3) with two popular classification…

There are two kind of people from the crypto world:

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Network of Decentralised Autonomous Tourism Marketplaces

For one ICOs work by the Event Pitches which are like beauty pageant contests where the founders are judged on “who can deliver the best pitch”. Here the founders spend hours in perfecting their narratives, appearances and actions with large numbers and the polished graphics and create a falsified bogus world. In most cases audience have limited information to validate, judge or compare.

While there are other ICOs that work by doing the real hard work on the ground, innovating, solving a real problem and building up the community. Definitely this takes time, and is the tougher option. …

Bhuwan Arora

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