despite winning the title, anthony davis was fourth on his own team in shots per game (only 8!).

Most of the time Cal’s teams have more than one good offensive option which is why the bigs don’t get always put up huge offensive numbers. They are almost always great defensively.

-Davis’ team won 38 games and he was POY, DPOY, FreshmanOY, and a consensus all american. I think he was probably used efficiently.

-Cousins’ team lost because they went something like 2–387 (maybe slight exaggeration) from behind the arc against WVU, not because Cousins didn’t do his part. They also won 35 games are were the top ranked team almost the whole year. Cousins was also a consensus all american.

-KAT’s team won 38 games in a row and KAT was a consensus all american. And do you want your 5 shooting 3’s while you have at least 3 other players that are better shooters on the same team?

I will admit he had no idea how to use Skal but saying he didn’t know how to use the others isn’t correct.

What about Willy Cauley-Stein? He improved 10 fold while Calipari was his coach and also eventually ended up a consensus all american.

And what about Julius Randle? He was also a pretty good big man under Calipari on a team that went to the final four.

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