Workout Mindset: You Are Acting Like a Little Bitch.

Pet Peeve

Working out by myself, I sometimes do circuit training, 40 secs on 20 secs off, whatever it may be for so many rounds. I do random Workouts from Athlean X, Alex Crockford and Brandon Carter on YouTube.

No matter what though I stick to the buzzer/beep. No matter what. I make sure to work for 40 and only rest 20.

Sometimes with other people I see them do the work, then go sit down or play around on their phone. Once the buzzer goes they go grab the dumbells or get in position and start working out again. Then have the audacity to say "That wasn't so bad, why you sweating".

Yea, because your cheating the clock, cheating the work and rest periods and worst of all cheating yourself. I wouldn't be sweating either if I was doing 30/30 time intervals, probably would be actually because Id stick to that time at least too, these other people would make that a 20/40 split.

You can tell alot abort a person who does this, they are not willing to do what it takes to complete the workout. They are not honest to themselves, and they like to go easy, like a little Bitch.

Go Easy, Go easy at everything see how well that works out for you.

Put the effort it, do what your supposed to do and be willing to suffer the pain that comes with it. At least you'll have yout dignity.

Most of you are developing the Mindset to do what must be done when your supposed to do it. So next time you have a big paper, a task, a meeting a date a problem you'll do what has to be done.

Good luck.

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