Homemade Masks for Natural Skin Care


Do you remember your grandmother always suggesting natural ingredients for almost all of your skin care concerns? Well, she was right! Nature has all the answers to your skin care issues, all you have to do is find the right ingredients. Read on to know more about natural skin care.


Everybody aspires to have healthy and flawless skin, but very few wish to put in any extra effort to achieve the same. However, what most people do not realise is that it takes very little effort to get your skin cleared and keep it healthy. How, you ask? The answer is — Homemade face masks. So, here’s easy to make, simple to apply homemade masks to master natural skin care:

1. Oatmeal Face Mask:

Oatmeal naturally consists of a healthy combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and avenanthramide. All these ingredients helps you to have a soothing textured skin and also makes your skin less dry and itchy. For best results, mix oatmeal with milk or honey and apply it for fifteen minutes daily. This mask is considered as one of the best masks for natural skin care, so do try it!

2. Yoghurt Face Mask:

Yoghurt is incredibly healthy for your body and your skin. It acts as a natural exfoliator and leaves your skin smooth and soft. It also gives your skin the required hydration and makes it brighter. One of the best organic solutions for your natural skin care is a yoghurt mask. So get some yoghurt in a bowl, mix it with cinnamon, let it stay for some time and see the results for yourself!

3. Egg Face Mask:

Your skin is under attack the entire day. Studies show that egg whites consist of proteins which protect your skin from impurities. It also improves your elasticity by ridding you off fine lines and wrinkles. You just need to extract the egg white and apply it on your face for ten minutes daily to keep your skin young, hale and hearty.

4. Avocado Face Mask:

If you have ever appreciated someone’s dewy-fresh skin, there is a possibility that it’s because of her frequent spa visits or Avocado masks. This fruit is filled with vitamins which re-energise your skin and make it look fresh! Many organic natural skin care products go for this ingredient to ensure positive results on your skin.

5. Lavender Face Mask:

Lavender, when mixed with honey or milk, is one of the best masks to enhance your natural beauty. This mask unclogs your pores, washes out all the impurities and calms your skin with its properties. It also gives you a balanced skin tone and a refreshed look! Wouldn’t you love to have all of this with just one mask?

6. Caffeine Mocha Face Mask:

You love to begin your mornings with coffee, don’t you? Makes you feel alive!

It’s the same with your skin. If you want your skin to wake up and look fresh, go for a caffeine mocha face mask. This mask is enriched with anti-oxidants which retains your skin’s moisture and makes it look fresh!

7. Gram Flour & Olive Oil Face Mask:

One of the oldest beauty tricks in the book is to utilise gram flour in a face mask. Mix it with milk and turmeric, make a paste, apply it for twenty minutes, let it rest and rinse with warm water. This readily available ingredient also exfoliates your skin and leaves it blemish-free!

8. Saffron & Rose Water Face Mask:

One of the most precious and expensive ingredients in India, Saffron, is gifted with many health and beauty benefits. This mask helps you make your skin lighter, to fight acne, reduce skin pigmentation and exfoliate your skin. All these benefits in just one face mask! Wouldn’t you make this one for yourself quickly? Many natural skin care products contain this specific combination, as research shows that they are the most effective when utilised together.

If you have reached the bottom of the list, you would have surely realised how easy it is to have amazing skin with such simple, natural products. So, what are you waiting for? Find these natural ingredients, whip an effective face mask for yourself and enjoy beautiful skin! Wondering if your grandmother was right all along? Yes she was!

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