Keep your hair healthy with these care tips!

Juggling multiple responsibilities and performing many roles at once is a characteristic feature of every woman. However, this also leaves her with less than the desired time for grooming and hair care. Read on for simple and effective hair care tips that keep the lustre and bounce in your hair.

A good hair day isn’t just a great for a picture but a great boost for one’s confidence levels too. Almost every woman wants to be styled professionally for the perfect hair-do at all times, but living in reality can put a dampener on that plan. Instead, women can be found looking through isles and isles of products to find the best shampoo for their hair type.

Here we bring you expert tips that can help keep your hair looking healthy and great even on a timer:

1. Don’t over wash your hair

This is critical ladies! While washing off the grime daily, especially during intense summer months, may be extremely appealing; don’t wash your hair more than 3 times a week ever. Washing the hair daily or more frequently can rob your scalp of the natural oils essential to keep your hair healthy. In addition, this increases the need to shampoo more frequently trapping you in a loop.

2. Pick the right product

Every hair is different and requires a different shampoo to style it best according to its natural texture. Whether you have curly, straight, dry or frizzy hair, there is a product out there for you. Using an incorrect shampoo can leave your hair lifeless and dull. Additionally, if you have a dry scalp or dandruff, don’t hesitate in picking up the best shampoo for dandruff to avoid a snowstorm on your shoulders.

3. Stay away from the heat

While this advice is great for the heat of the sun too, it is actually directed at your water temperature and dryer. Wash your hair with cold water to return the shine and bounce to your hair. Hot water can dry out your hair and damage it faster. Also, you don’t need a blow-dry set on maximum setting every day. If you are a frequent user, invest in a hairdryer with a cool setting.

4. Condition after a shampoo

Investing in the best shampoo for hair is great, but isn’t enough without its partner conditioner. Remember, you only have to shampoo your scalp and never your hair ends. That’s the conditioner’s job to keep them protected and add some volume.

5. Get a good dry shampoo

Want to be ready with well styled hair at the drop of a hot without subjecting them to multiple tools? Get a good dry shampoo. This can help clean and style your hair in between washes without stripping away your natural oils. However, don’t make this a habit but use it only one need basis. Well, who doesn’t want a quick fix?

6. Relax with an oil massage

This age-old remedy is still a miracle worker for most hair types. Use whatever oil works well for you and massage it in a circular pattern on your scalp. It will boost circulation, thereby improving your hair’s health and strength while also nourishing your scalp. Combining this massage with the best shampoo for dandruff can help alleviate dry and flaky scalp suffered by many.

7. Don’t brush wet hair

Yes, you are in a hurry, and yes you don’t want to use the dryer — but wet hair is extremely fragile and need to be dealt with carefully. Brushing the hair in this state is sure to leave a lot of it on your rush as well. Instead, use a wide comb and gently untangle the knots.

8. Proactively protect your hair

Increased exposure to sun, rain and dirt can damage your hair at a much faster rate. If you are out in the sun too long then protect your hair by using a good serum. Additionally, if caught in the rain, be sure to rinse them out when back. Also, if you are a swimmer, investing in a cap is a great idea to prevent dry and frizzy hair.

Thus, a great hair day doesn’t require hours of professional styling, but rather simple and regular care. With these expert tips, you can nourish your scalp and return to shine and lustre to your hair. So, don’t stress over your salon bills but improve your daily hair care routine to be rewarded with thick and healthy hair naturally.

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