The Benefits of using a Skin Brightening Serum

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Mar 7, 2017 · 4 min read

“Aging is a fact of life, looking your age is not” — Howard Murad, MD
While women are busy achieving wonderful things in their lives and having a happy family; skincare is often nowhere on their list. It’s time to change it.

You always read about the dos and don’ts of following a good beauty routine, but nobody talks about the benefits of each one. Today, let’s focus on one of the most important ones for your skincare — Serum. It is a skin care product that has a gel or light lotion consistency. It has a higher concentration of performance ingredients meant for use under a moisturizer or treatment mask. Studies suggest many women have seen an impeccable difference in their facial skin after including a serum in their routine. Listed below are the benefits of using a skin brightening serum:

a. Highly Effective

Serums are highly concentrated with many active ingredients. Compared to other beauty products, serums have 70% of its primary ingredients. Hence, they are always the first products to be applied on the skin.

*Pro tip — When applying beauty products on your skin, go from the thickest to the thinnest cream.

b. Extremely helpful for oily skin

Women who have oily skin do not wish to moisturise it and make it further greasier. This triggers our glands under our skin and over produces oil to keep our skin hydrated. Don’t you feel annoyed being stuck in a dilemma like this? Here’s where serums come to the rescue! Serums, although exist in higher concentration, are lighter in nature. They seep into our skin in no time and start showing effect almost immediately. Many dermatologists thus advice to pick the best skin brightening serum to keep oil glands from acting up.

c. Worth the investment

The question one may raise is the cost of these facial serums. If you compare a serum with the best skin lightening cream in the market, the prices may differ a lot. That being said, we also need to remember that serums always work! The results are evident and are quite visible on the skin. What would you go for? Many products which may or may not work or one product which will always work! You are the smart one, make your choice!

d. Consists of anti-aging properties

Anti-aging serums have more penetrating power than most of the beauty products. It is packed with proteins, ant-oxidising ingredients and other anti-aging elements. Studies show that women who have included anti-aging serums in their beauty routine do not suffer from premature winkles. The best skin brightening serum also has anti-aging properties as they are the most effective ones to give you a younger looking skin.

e. Brightens your skin

Serums repair your damaged skin by improving your facial complexion. As it is enriched with vitamins, it assists your skin cells in providing intense moisture to your skin. This is highly suitable for dry skin in almost all weather conditions. This also reduces pigmentation, distributes melanin evenly which results in brightening of your skin. This has similar properties like a few best skin lightening cream in the market. Hence, make a choice based on your skin type and choose the one that gives you more positive results.

f. Improves your skin’s elasticity

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity. This is due to the reduction of elastin in your body, which is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Many serums consist of this protein which enhances your skin’s elasticity. Doing this, results in prevention of premature aging and wrinkles in older age. Now, don’t you love to have a younger looking skin even when you are retired from your work? Seems like a win-win situation!

We often do not pay heed to our skin concerns. We let our youth pass by neglecting small symptoms on our skin. Our lifestyle, work stress, relationships take a toll on our health. We instantly develop acne breakouts, spots and blemishes. We, then realise that our skin is not healthy and start taking efforts to take care of our skin.

What if we said, that we can avoid all of this by just beginning from the start. Look what you are eating, think how your lifestyle affects your body and your skin. By doing this, you will start realising how everything you do has a direct effect on your skin. And just by taking small steps, your skin can be saved from permanent damage. Take care now and you can enjoy healthy skin even in your older years!

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