The must-knows about shaving


Beard is a man’s best friend. Tame it well and you are a head turner. Let it grow wild, you are still a head turner but the thoughts of the on-lookers in the room are something else. There is a fine line between looking like a tramp and a sane guy, make sure you don’t cross it. This article will give you all the must-knows about shaving.


It all begins when you hit puberty. You are introduced to your Adam’s apple, a heavy voice and a stubble. From here begins your journey of foaming, lathering and shaving. Contrary to popular belief, it is not as simple as it seems. If you do it the wrong way, you suffer from cuts, burns and everything bad. If you do it right, you have a dapper, well-maintained beard/ clean shaven look. So, let us walk you down to the must-knows of Shaving:

  1. Splash some water:

Prepping well is really important. So you can start by taking a hot shower with the best shower gel for men which will help you get rid of any oil glands and impurities. This will also help you to moisten your facial hair which will give you a smooth shaving experience.

2. Invest in a good shaving cream:

Look for the best shaving cream in the market, which suits your skin type and invest in it. A good shaving cream will provide enough lubrication, lather well and will not leave your skin dry.

3. Use the right technique:

Go for the classic circular motion to spread out the cream, a drop of the same is enough to give you a good shave.

4. Mind the razor:

Blunt razors are extremely painful. Always go for a sharp one which will give you a good swipe and not trouble you with itchy skin or razor burns.

5. Take it easy:

You know how the guys in the advertisement start from the neck and attempt it at one go? Here’s a tip! Don’t ever do that. Go slow, clean up patch by patch. It’s no race, after all.

6. Remember the direction:

If you are new to this, just remember the direction in which you always shave. Going against the grain will leave you with ugly patches of beard and that is the last thing you want! Even if your cream is the best shaving cream for men, nobody can help you with an un-tamed/directionless patch of beard.

7. Aftershave? Hell yeah:

After you are done with a good shaving experience, do not forget to apply some aftershave. It’s the best way to end a good shave. (Pro tip — Do not invest in alcohol based ones as they end up in dry skin)

8. Trimming/ Taming the mane

If you are one of the lucky ones who have an amazing beard, shaving is much tougher for you. One slip of the razor and your months of growth goes for a toss. So when they say, “With great beard comes great responsibility”, they surely mean business! Invest in good technology for a trimmer as it will help you to experiment and give you the flexibility required.

Grooming for men is highly underrated, but now we know that maintaining a prim beard to look really good is extremely tough. So, go ahead splurge all you want! Buy the best shower gel for men available in the market, spend a crazy amount of time in your bathroom to look well and admire yourselves in the mirror for hours, because the end product is worth the watch!