While there are a lot of tricks to make your skin feel absolutely amazing and retain its healthy glow in the summers, winters are the real enemy! Washing your face is good, but in the winters, even the best face washes for dry oily skin do not really help. Let us guide you to get that baby-soft and healthy skin with these tips to keep the radiance on your skin glowing!


The main danger to your skin remains the season of winter, with its harsh, cold and biting dry air. You have to invest time in bettering your skin, so that your skin invests time in making you look good! Follow these simple yet effective steps to ensure show-stopper skin:

1. Drink lots of water: 
This is one of the basics of ensuring healthy, dewy skin. Contrary to the opinion that a couple glasses of water would suffice, you need to drink at least 2 litres of water each day to make your skin appear as fresh as you feel.

2. Apply sunscreen daily: 
A common misconception is that you can skip out on the sunscreen application during winter. The fact is, even on a cloudy day, the sun’s harmful UV rays will find you anyhow! UV rays hit bare skin with the motive of causing harm. Apply a coat of sunscreen to avoid formation of dark spots or blemishes.

3. Moisturize daily: 
A moisturizer is possibly the simplest topical thing to do for skin in the winters. It hydrates your skin, not allowing dryness to get to it. The best time to apply a moisturizer would be immediately after a bath/shower, when the pores are fairly open. The face, hands, elbows and heels are the body parts that crave the most moisturizing. Also, don’t neglect the rest of your body. For example, the skin below the knees has fewer oil glands than other parts of your body. So, hydrate your lower half as well.

4. Invest in a humidifier: 
The air is quite dry generally, and affects your hair and skin adversely. Get a humidifier and sleep with it on. The humidity will not only allow you to breathe a little easier at night, but also it will make it possible for your skin to get more exposure to moisture.

5. Exfoliate your skin: 
Exfoliation facilitates getting rid of the dead skin cells and opening up of pores to let in extra moisture. However, balance your exfoliation with the best face wash for dry skin in winter. Too much of it causes delicate skin to be damaged. Once a week is perfect.

6. Wash your face before going to bed: 
An age-old advice: do not sleep with your makeup on. The caking of the layers of makeup does not allow the skin to breathe, causing it to dry and break out. Invest in the best face wash for dry oily skin to get rid of the makeup and leave fresh skin in its wake.

7. Use lip balm: 
Treat your lips as you would your skin. Lip balms, apart from hydrating your lips, prevent drying and cracking. Bonus tip: use a lip balm with sunscreen-like features, to kill two birds with one stone. Lips tan too!

8. Don’t linger in your showers: 
As appealing as long, hot showers sound in the winters, they dry out your skin immensely and make it harder to moisturize.

9. Stop using hand sanitizers: 
Hand sanitizers dry out your skin, and do more harm than good. Instead, invest in some wet wipes. Bonus: the smell is far better, and skin is kept hydrated.

10. Use a mild soap or cleanser:
 Winters are hardly the time for antibacterial soaps or harsh deodorants. Invest in the best face washes for dry skin in winter with added oils and fats to retain the softness of the skin.

11. Sleep and eat right: 
We could’ve gone without mentioning it, seeing as it is the most given points of all! Get your eight hours of sleep for fresh and rested skin. When it comes to eating, invest your time in foods with essential fatty acids, such as avocados, or antioxidant-rich foods, such as pomegranates and pumpkin, to provide your skin with immunity and resistance.

We sure do hope that this list of things to do has helped you. Especially, with the uncertainty of weather these days, who knows when the winters roll around to threaten your skin again!

Pamper your skin and watch as the glow takes you by surprise!

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