Wash Your Hair The Right Way

You may be among those who washes your hair every day and yet you aren’t necessarily doing it right. Yes, there is a right way to wash your hair. Read on to know it.

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Using the right technique to wash your hair makes a world of a difference to the health of your hair. You are surely making some common mistakes that are likely to damage your lovely locks.

There is a routine you should follow to wash your hair the right way and certainly follow the best way. Let’s read on to know the right way to wash your hair:

How much shampoo? :

Shampoo cleans your hair and removes all the dirt, along with which it soaks all the essential oils. Hence check the amount of shampoo you are using currently. Reduce it to half or quarter the amount you use now. Choose a natural shampoo from India.

Avoid a vigorous massage:

Do not massage your shampoo vigorously. This roughs up the cuticle causing frizz, flyaway and minuscule tangles. Rub your shampoo smoothly between your hands, gently massage the roots with your fingertips. Then smooth what’s left on your palms over the length.

Rinse first:

Once you apply shampoo, give your hair a few gentle squeezes. After this rinse thoroughly and then apply the conditioner after a few seconds. Use a natural shampoo made in India for silky soft hair.

Now Condition:

Use a moisturizing or colour protecting formula. Apply the hair conditioner in long, fluid motions. Wait for two minutes as it takes that long for any conditioner to adhere to hair.

Hot water:

Use hot water when washing your hair. Hot water helps clean the dirt deeply and also fades colour faster. It helps cleanse the roots deeply and is good for sinus and cold as well.

Don’t rinse and repeat:

In spite of the instruction behind your shampoo bottle, don’t rinse and repeat. You don’t have to wash your hair twice. Apply the shampoo once only and rinse it off unless the hair is very dirty and the first shampoo didn’t produce lather.

Know your hair type:

Just like skin, what works for one may not work for the other. Similarly for your hair, knowing your hair type is extremely essential. Your hair needs what it needs. Choose your shampoo and hair conditioner according to your hair type.

Shampoo daily or not:

Shampooing daily isn’t the best idea. Whether or not to do so will depend on your hair type. If you have oily scalp or fine hair, you may need to shampoo daily. If you have fizzy, curly and dry hair, you need not wash your hair daily.

Too harsh on post shower strands:

You may be out of the shower, but your job isn’t done yet. The way you handle your hair post wash is extremely essential to the health of your hair. After towel-drying your hair, it is good to put on a protectant, especially if you plan to use a hot tool.

Piping hot water:

Washing your hair in piping hot water isn’t wise. While doing so it may seem soothing but exposing your scalp to such high temperatures will leave it lifeless and dry. There is no exact temperature recommended as ideal, but it is better to keep it on the cooler side. It helps lock in the moisture and maintains health of the hair in the long run.

Don’t skip the conditioner:

Most of us are in a hurry when washing hair. However, skipping the conditioner isn’t a great idea. Shampoo cleans your hair but also dries it off, sucking out the essential oils. It is a conditioner that can put back these oils into the hair, in turn softening your hair. Conditioner is for the outer surface of your hair and shampoo is for the roots. Your hair without conditioner is like cricket without Sachin Tendulkar.

Your locks are a beautiful part of you. Love them, pamper them and nourish them. This article would be an eye-opener for you in terms of washing your hair right. Most of us think we are doing it all right, but here is the surprise.

Follow the above guidelines while washing your hair and see the tremendous improvement in the quality of your hair.