5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Art.

The Bomway
Jan 18, 2018 · 3 min read
  1. According to Professor Semir Zeki’s research, a neurobiologist at the University College London, viewing of art increases dopamine and the activity in brain’s frontal cortex which results in experiencing pleasure similar to as being in romantic love or recreational drug taking. Isn’t that a good enough reason to add few pieces of art to your surroundings?
Artist: Hemangini. Shop her work from https://goo.gl/vJUPqi

2. An original artwork from your local- budding artist is beautiful. It looks exquisite , and is cheaper than your latest iphone. It also lasts much much longer than your techno gizmos without any repair or touch ups. Who says art buying is always elitist and filthy expensive?

Artist: Angela Hanghal. Shop her work from https://goo.gl/FDuwxt

3. The moment you buy an original work from a living artist, you give him hopes to create more. This holds more true for those numerous artists who are yet to become renowned and make art irrespective of the hardships and low monetary return. Yes, you, you are helping an artist to live and not live in despair! The world needs them as much they need us. How would you retreat from the craze around you if there are no artists and pieces of art for your mind and soul ?

Artist: Antara Pain. Buy her art from https://goo.gl/j9KwhC

4. It looks good on your big bad bland wall or space. Adding a photograph or an artwork leads to uplifting your mood and bringing zing to your space. A study released by University of Western Australia has found that enjoying and participating in arts for just two hours can have positive effect on mental health. Many studies indicate that art acts as a reliable therapy in dementia, depression and other mental illnesses. Welcome colours , patterns , designs and photos to your heart!

Artist: Samresh. Buy his work from https://goo.gl/ig18th

5. Buying art can act as an investment; tangible or intangible. Majority of people all over the globe buy art and crafts they like or love which clearly correlates to intangibility. However, an emerging artist’s work and/or a budding artist’s work can reap you hefty benefits years later. Now let’s say you love a famous artist’s work, but you are unable to afford the original. What can you do ? You can always go for a limited edition print which is unlikely to put a dent in your pocket. Again, you need to research well and talk to many experts if you are looking to treat art as an asset . We will write a seperate blog on art and investments.

Tada! Slowly and steadily start collecting art. If you are apprehensive or it’s your first time, you may begin with a small sum. Support artists and your life with arts and culture.

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