Sorry Beekle, we are passing you on to someone who may love you more.

I really wish we had loved Beekle. I wanted to. The kids wanted to. The other adults in the room wanted to. We just didn’t.

Dan Satat’s illustrations are fab. The colours, both bright and dark, create the perfect imaginary world. The character of Beekle himself, waiting to be imagined by a real child, is cute and friendly. The length of the story is perfect for the end of the school day or if I had a spare 5 minutes.

But…we just didn’t like the story. It somehow went nowhere and was predictable at the same time. Nothing surprised us. Nothing made us laugh. Nothing gave us a shock. It just plodded along in a typically adult “this is what children should learn about friendship” way. It was a shame.

Sorry Beekle, we are passing you to another class who may love you more.

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