Oi Dog!

We adore this colourful picture book!

We absolutely loved this colourful and fun follow up to Oi Frog! The silliness made us all giggle as we shared the story and guessed what the next rhyme would be — what could cheetahs sit on? Sneakers? No. Fajitas, of course! What about whales? Well, we won’t spoil that but they end up in quite an uncomfortable place, poor whales.

The illustrations are engaging and bright and add another element of humour to the story — as the poor cat who sat on the gnats ends up with some painful looking bites on his bum! Our favourite picture was probably to do with pigs and boars, as the resulting pile up is quite extraordinary!

From a read aloud perspective this is a lovely book to share with children as the excitement generated by guessing what each of the animals could possibly sit on was infectious. By the end of the story everyone was joining in — including my EAL children who tend to struggle with rhymes. It’s also just an easy read; the way it is written creates a nice rhythm and your tongue doesn’t trip over the words as can happen with other similar books. All in all, Oi Dog! is now a class favourite and we want to know what will happen to Frog and Dog next.

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