The Prince and the Porker

Our favourite story of the year so far!

This adaptation of the Prince and the Pauper had us rolling around on the carpet in hysterics! We loved it. In actual fact, I’m not sure we’ve had so much fun with a book since.

The story begins when Pignatius sneaks into the palace on account of following his nose and accidentally finds himself in the Prince’s bed room. Snorting around the room, he loves life at the palace and enjoys dressing up in the Prince’s blue knickerbockers and curly wig. This leads to a case of mistaken identity and for a little while Pignatius is very much in charge. Eventually the jig is up and a solution is found to appease everyone, although perhaps not so much Pignatius himself!

The absolute best part of this book is the illustration of the pig, the prince and the cartwheeling guards. We felt inspired to choose our own fake prince to boss us around and for the rest of that afternoon I had children hopping, skipping and marching around my classroom! Nothing like a bit of role play to engage children with reading.

Sometimes I forget how much of an impact my ability to read aloud can have on whether or not the children enjoy the story. This rhyming text was easy and enjoyable to read aloud and share the fun of guessing the rhyme. We like a rhyming book, we do.